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There are four types of Officers...

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There are four types of Officers... Empty There are four types of Officers...

Post  98golf on Wed Dec 07, 2011 11:04 pm

All officers can be categorized by 2 paired attributes: energetic/lazy and smart/stupid.

The energetic/smart officer is often referred to as “high speed, low drag”. They are the hard chargers who will either go far or screw up spectacularly. A commander is lucky to have such an officer as long as they can control them just enough to keep then from crashing and burning.

The lazy/smart officer is a pearl of great price. They will never try to make anything happen that is not already on their plate UNLESS they spot a problem that might make their life more difficult. They will nip such problems in the bud. Every job they have will be easier when they leave that it was when they arrived.

The lazy/stupid officer can be useful for the routine jobs that aren’t very demanding but still need to be done. Put them under the supervision of an experienced and competent sergeant.

The energetic/stupid officer is a viper at the breast of any command. They mean well. Catastrophe follows in their wake. They will volunteer for a suicide mission. Find one for them.


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There are four types of Officers... Empty Energetic/stupid officers

Post  JasonChuey on Thu Dec 08, 2011 11:43 am

One enormous benefit of the energetic/stupid officer on the battlefield is seeing if there are any snipers about. You simply salute him. The energetic/STUPID! officer will return the salute. If there are any snipers, he shoots the officer and you now know there's a sniper. This is known as the "sniper check".

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