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If you could only bring one rifle and one pistol

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If you could only bring one rifle and one pistol Empty If you could only bring one rifle and one pistol

Post  groubert on Mon Dec 26, 2011 10:57 pm

Basically, what would you include in your bug-out-bag. If you could only save one of each from certain catastrophe, which ones. So what is everyone's opinion and why.

Rifle... Ruger M77 International .308. lightweight and durable. the caliber will take down any game in North America. long range accuracy... it's topped with a Leupold 2-7x scope which is more than suitable for 300m shots. bolt action is more reliable than any AK47. run 2 sweeps with a boresnake every 20 rounds, swipe the bolt with soft cloth and we're back in business. granted, it's only a 4 round capacity but then I'm not looking for a "spray and pray" resolution. would probably bring 3 boxes of 20 rounds.

Pistol... H&R Model 930 .22lr revolver. yes... a .22lr. had this revolver for many years and it is still flawless... it's older than me (which is saying a lot). I've fired over 2 boxes of 550 bulk without cleaning and the cylinder continued to spin like butter... not even a hiccup. very lightweight and concealable. 9 round capacity... loaded weight less than 20 ounces. box of 550 rounds bulk also easy to pack. granted, I'm certain I will grab my CCW (Walther P99c .40sw), but then I did clearly state one pistol.

Remember, just my opinion and my "current" preference. So, let the education begin.


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If you could only bring one rifle and one pistol Empty Re: If you could only bring one rifle and one pistol

Post  JasonChuey on Tue Dec 27, 2011 5:06 pm

A bolt gun and a .22 for the zombie apocalypse? No thanks. I think the AA-12 auto shotgun with a fifty round drum would mow the evil brain suckers down pretty well. And for the pistol? A Remington 1100 sawed off at both ends qualifies I think. When a zombie hoard is chasing you ready to turn your skull into a pink and gray margarita with a bendy straw and no salt, I want to take a few down with every shot. Nine .32 balls would do the trick nicely.

Now for a non zombie disaster, I think any rifle you can shoot well and carry alot of ammo for is the way to go. At the minimum, a .223. Ammo will be more valuable than gold and you can use it to trade. For a pistol, I'm strongly on the side of revolvers. The reason for this is the ease of function and less moving parts to break and less things to carry period. And if you get a malfunction, squeeze the trigger again. That simple. You can use a revolver more efficiently than a semi auto for hunting also. So I'd go with a .357. You can use .38s for two legged predators if you need to, and the .357s for four legged game. I know the big guns, .44s,.454s, etc are more powerful, but also alot heavier and bulkier in size and ammo storage on your person. Ok, back to the rifle, been thinking, and I'd go with the SKS or AK. You can't stop the damn things! Leave 'em in the mud for a week and come back and fire off a mag. Yeah after about 250 meters, the round drops like a rock. But look around. We have mostly hills and woods. Really long shots aren't that common. And they are very effective in an urban area, which you may have to return to at times. Ammo is also cheaper so it's easier to stock up on. Its a very popular round so the ammo would have good trade value. And if you can find the rounds with a solid steel core, stock up! Those are devastating. I'm talking pierce an engine block tough.

Bottom line, if the time comes, don't hesitate to do what's needed. "He who hesitates is lost." Do what you gotta do and Charlie Mike(Continue Mission). And in case of zombies, always always always(notice I said always) double tap.
(Does a flame thrower count as a rifle in a Zombie Apocalypse? If not, it should.)

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