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Double strike vs slap/rack/bang

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Double strike vs slap/rack/bang Empty Double strike vs slap/rack/bang

Post  groubert on Fri Mar 16, 2012 8:40 pm

Was at gun shop other day (not Buckeye BTW), and heard salesman selling firearm to a gentleman looking for a CCW. He was hyping how the gun had double strike capability and how important a feature it was since he could pull the trigger again without reracking.

Was not going to butt-in but wanted to hear some others opinions. Is double strike a replacement for slap/rack/bang? Used in conjunction? Or tactically is it not preferred?

My two cents would be if it didn't go bang first time, it is likely not to go bang the second and in the time I kept pulling the trigger I could have already recycled a new round. Shooting at my home range putting some Wolf ammo downrange have found a few rounds where primer didn't fire. Continually pulling the trigger would do nothing (as I did try them in a different mag with same result).

Love to hear some other opinions... from regular Joe's to LE to military.


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Double strike vs slap/rack/bang Empty Huh?

Post  Director ATG on Fri Mar 30, 2012 3:33 pm

Absolutely not! 9 times out of ten, if the gun goes click instead of bang, the magazine was not seated properly. Or,,,, a round did not chamber. Pulling the trigger another time will not fix this. A round must be chambered. It must be immediate and reflexive or else it could cost your life. Tap, rack, and bang. I'd love to be in a gun fight with someone whose weapon does not fire and they just continue pulling the trigger. Of course,,, a revolver is another story. Are you sure this guy wasn't talking about a revolver vs. a tactical semi auto?

That Ammo with the bad primer is excellent for training. I don't mean save it,, I mean that your immediate action should be to tap the mag, rack the slide, and refire. If you are not doing this, then you've got problems because this should not be something you decide, it should be reflexive.

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