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Tactical Carbine Course August 18-19

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Tactical Carbine Course August 18-19 Empty Tactical Carbine Course August 18-19

Post  skifast on Tue Jul 24, 2012 9:09 am

Learn your weapon inside and out. Our Tactical Carbine 1 Course is comparable to other tactical courses costing $1500 and more. We get you on the range with your finger on the trigger immediately. You will become familiar with your weapon in a way that only Military Special Operators are.

Your confidence and skill will sky rocket as you shoot multiple threats on the move while identifying immediate threatsand using the appropriate level of force reflexively. You will shoot a lot, clearing jams, fix malfunctions, using combat and speed reloads. You will shoot, move, and communicate using barricades, cover, and concealment. If you have a carbine, this is a must take course!

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