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New Forum Member and victim of BRS (Black Rifle Syndrome)

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New Forum Member and victim of BRS (Black Rifle Syndrome)

Post  ohiosniper1 on Tue Jan 29, 2013 2:14 am

Hello to to the ATG family. I was lucky enough to be introduced to the community in August at the family range day. Bad weather aside it was a great time. Since then I have followed ATG on Facebook and allways enjoy whats posted. After the debates in the presidential election race I went on a buy and build spree. My go to rifle is my Remington 700 but I did have a use for my OLD, Pre-first ban Bushmaster. Its a painted old beater, patrol rifle I carry 5 days a week, modded up with bought and fabricated parts repaired with new buffers, springs, barrels and numerous parts over the years to keep it running.

Since I got the little voice in my head to "go get rifles" I snagged a few more.
First was the .22 for the baby girl. Slightly modified make her happy Christmass morning.

The "Colt" Walther M4 .22LR with 2 30 round mags and a 10 rounder. And of course the pink furniture and sling

The next as a heavy little beast of a build I had wanted to put together for a while. Since the Ohio law ORC 2923.11E is in effect I will state that the Beta Mag is is an LE bought item and I'm not in violation owning this rig...

I set it up as a civilian legal "SAW". It's one heavy Carbine!
Next one I set up was for the misses... She did not Dig my love for HEAVY rifles so I cut as much weight as I could and made her this one.

She loves it... It's not a battle rifle to me so my last rifle had to fix that...

To me this is a more perfect rifleman's AR. 20 inch HB gives you an extra 400 fps. Folding stocks are for tankers and POG's(Persons Other than Grunts). Full cleaning kit in the the new Mag Pul MOE stock. Matech rear sight... Simple, accurate and tough.

Again Im new and a Victim of Black Rifle Syndrome.

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Re: New Forum Member and victim of BRS (Black Rifle Syndrome)

Post  Ghostbear on Fri Feb 08, 2013 1:11 am

First off welcome to the group.
Secondly, I really dig the Perfect Riflemans AR that you put together!
I truly like the lines and design of it. EXCELLENT job!
It reminds me of a FAL I used to own back in the day.
Hope to see you around the club house and swap some ideas maybe.


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