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AR-15 Build

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AR-15 Build Empty AR-15 Build

Post  phrygian68 on Sat Feb 25, 2012 8:15 pm

For those of you into Ar-15's just wanted to share my new build with you, hope to have it complete by mid march

AR-15 Build 423453_3002739721823_1662251964_2576757_1396822194_n Stripped Lower Receiver

AR-15 Build 416952_3028443164393_1662251964_2585013_1926030015_n Lower receiver complete with DPMS stock

AR-15 Build 418076_3115959592249_1662251964_2608949_2136530898_n Upper receiver with bolt carrier group

AR-15 Build 398438_3115976672676_1662251964_2608951_859125185_n All the remains is the barrel, gas block and tube and the quad rail

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