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June 25: CCW Course

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June 25: CCW Course Empty June 25: CCW Course

Post  flyingfisch on Sat Jun 18, 2011 11:29 am

Not just some sign off and here's your certificate. This exciting course will put you to the test. ATG's concealed carry course is far superior to any other. We teach all NRA curriculum and then, we take you much further! You will leave this course very confident and effective with your weapon. We will show you techniques that only skilled shooters are privy to. Learn from the best and know you can protect yourself, your home, and your family if ever the need arises. You will become one of those skilled shooters. Only 4 hours of classroom and 8 hours on the range! Shoot, move, and communicate like a pro. This is a condensed version of our Tactical Pistol 1 course.


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